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Weblinks and Webrowser version 1.6.0 Exclusive for Xtrend


Weblinks and Webrowser version 1.6.0 Exclusive for Xtrend
- HBBTV Red button
- Easy hbbtv bookmarks menu called Weblinks
- Opera Webbrowser

Special functions for media playback
- OK button play media direct
- Play button create buffer file on HDD. You can pause, jump through media file.
- Rec button save media file on HDD

Red button option
- When channel has AIT (Extra application info) you can open it by red button.
- missed broadcast include support of special functions for media playback.
- Easy pulldown menu
- Easy bookmarks
- Startpage
- Remote control support
+ Menu/exit button shows pulldown menu
+ Long exit will exit webbrowser
+ Text button shows url info
+ Info button refresh page
+ Rewind and forward button scroll through history
- Virtual and SMS keyboard support trough remote controller
- Mouse/ keyboard hardware support
- Easy graphical menu
- Download favorite lists
thanks WTE


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