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Newnigma2 v3.2.1 for DM8000 (OE1.6)


Newnigma2 v3.2.1 for DM8000 (OE1.6) image

--- Kod: ---• Enigma2 2.6: 04.05.2011
• Enigma2 Plugins: 04.05.2011
• Newnigma2 Plugins: 04.05.2011

DM 8000 HD PVR
• driver: 04.05.2011
• secondstage: 83
• kernel: 2.6.18

• Bugfix: harddisk temperature informations wasn't always shown
• Bugfix: firmware update check fixed
• Bugfix: devicemanager fixed
• Bugfix: cleanup newnigma2-webradio.xml
• Bugfix: some udev problems fixed
• Bugfix: some openvpn problemes fixed
• Update: xmltvimport source and channels updated
• Update: gst-plugins-bad fix ac3 audio problems
• Update: newnigma2 Plugins now using the Universally Unique Identifier -> this fixes "the picon problem"
• Added: enigma2-plugin-newnigma2-vpn. this is a simple start/stop openvpn-gui
• Added: enigma2-plugin-extensions-enhancedmoviecenter 2.01 to our feeds
• Added: Xface-MD skin from Kerni to our feeds *thx to Kerni*
• Added: Kerni-HD1 to our feeds *thx to Kerni*

Notice: Onlineupdate from v3.2 is possible.

Multiboot: No support for multiboot. Not planned. No need for such a tool.

GP3wizard: No support for gp3wizard. Probably not running. Not needed in Newnigma2 environment.

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